The North American Shikoku Club

The North American Shikoku Ken Club (NASC) is an organization dedicated to supporting the community of owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of one of Japan's national treatures: The Shikoku Ken. Whether you are already lucky enough to share your life with one of these incredible dogs or are just learning about the breed, we hope you will find our website informative. NASC has many goals, including community building and education. This website is one of the tools we use to acheive those goals.

Although the Shikoku as a breed is relatively old, they have only been in North America for a few years. Therefore, NASC itself is a young organization. Please check back here regularly as we continue to build up our webpresence and add resources to our site. Have comments or suggestions? We welcome them! Want to get involved with the club? Please drop us a note here and let us know your thoughts.

Again, welcome to The North American Shikoku Ken Club!

- The NASC Directors