The North American Shikoku Club (NASC)

NASC is an organization dedicated to the responsible stewardship of the Shikoku Ken in North America. Our primary goal is to foster a community of educated and responsible breed enthusiasts. As the number of Shikoku Ken in North America is still relatively small, NASC is still a relatively small organization. As time progresses and numbers (responsibly!) grow, we hope that NASC will serve as an organization to build a community around the Shikoku Ken in North America. We hope that future NASC community building events will include informal meetups for owners, conformation shows, and working trials.

NASC is also intended to serve as a vehicle for communication among breeders. With very few dogs available for breeding and only slightly more bitches, it is crucial that breeders work together to promote a healthy and diverse gene pool in North America. It is our hope that through a coordinated effort, breeders can responsibly and ethically produce the vibrant gene pool that will sustain the Shikoku Ken in North American for years to come.

As part of NASC's goal to promote responsible and ethical practices among breeders, the club also works to aide potential breeders and owners with importing dogs from Japan. This preservation program is a new program for NASC, and the details are still being worked out as it develops. The goal of this program is to bolster the gene pool in North America by collecting resources (potential homes, transportation assistance, finances, and breeder connections in Japan) and using them to target specific imports that will hopefully contribute most to the limited gene pool. If you are interested in helping out with this effort in any way, please contact NASC's preservation effort coordinator at preservation@shikokuclub.org

The last main goal of NASC is one we hope will never be necessary. It is the hope of everyone involved with the Shikoku Ken that they will never end up in animal shelters. Should it become necessary, NASC will take action to coordinate the rescue and placement of Shikoku Ken that are in need of new homes. If you know of a Shikoku in need of rescue, please contact us here.

Currently, NASC has no official membership list; however, as the club and the breed grows, NASC members will enjoy access to our events, a newsletter, and various other benefits. If you are interested in joining NASC, coordinating an event, or contributing to the Shikoku community in some way, please contact us at membership@shikokuclub.org.


NASC Mission Statement

Recognizing the Japanese cultural values of honor and tradition, and further recognizing the status of the Shikoku Ken as a national treasure of Japan, the North American Shikoku Club seeks to protect and preserve the Shikoku Ken by promoting ethical breeding practices and collaboration among breeders in North America, by educating current and potential owners about the breed and its special needs, by working tirelessly to keep Shikoku Ken out of rescues and shelters and in loving and knowledgeable homes, and by fostering a community of breed enthusiasts through coordination of communications and events for club members.